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Product Name:M.P.D.S.A
Chemical Name: Meta Phenylene Diamine 4 Sulfonic Acid – Free Acid
Chemical Formula:C6H8N2O3S
Molecular weight:188 Gm / Mole
Physical Appearance:White Crystal Wet Cake
CAS No:88-63-1
ACX No:X1066076-7
Purity:99.5 % by C.V. With M-Nitro Aniline
HPLC purity :99.8 % Min
Other impurity:0.1 % Max
Solubility:Soluble In Alkaline Water
Insoluble:0.2 % Max
Moisture:0.2 % Max
Form supplied:Off White Small Crystal
Packing:25 / 50 kgs. HDPE bag with inside liner
Applications;Intermediate for Dyestuffs
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