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Aniline 2:5 Disulfonic Acid
Chemical Name:Aniline 2.5 Disulphonic Acid
Synonyms:2-amino 1.4-benzenedisulphonic acid
2.5 disulfoaniline4 Sulphometanilic acid
CAS No:98-44-2
Formula:C6H7N S2O6
Purity (Amine value of free acid):80% minimum
Purity (Amine value of sodium salt):87% minimum
Molecular weight (as free acid):253 gm/mol.
Molecular weight (as sodium salt):275.5 gm/mol.
Appearance:Moist white powder
Insoluble:0.15% minimum
Free acid content:4% minimum
Moisture content (by K.F. Method):5% approx.
Metanilic acid content:<0.5%
Isometric impurities:Nil
Basis of sale:Real content (100% basis) on M.W. 253
Packing:25 / 50 Kgs. HDPE bags / jumbo with liner
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