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Aniline 2:4 Disulfonic Acid

Product name:Aniline 2:4 Disulfonic Acid
Chemical name:1- Amino Benzene  2,4 Disulfonic Acid
Molecular weight:253
C.A.S. No:137-51-9
Physical appearance:Grayish to white Colored Wet Cake or Dry Powder
Strength (by coupling):65 % Minimum (Wet)  75 % Minimum (Dry)
Method of analysis Titration Using Nitrite Value
Insoluble Less Than 0.3%
Basis of sale On 100% Real Content Basis
Solubility Freely Soluble in Water
Packing In HDPE Bags with liners
Uses   Dye Intermediate for
C.I. No. 26340 Acid Jet Black R
C.I. No. 30050 Direct 79
C.I. No. 14275 Acid Chrysoln. 56X
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